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P.O.P. - Passion_Obsession_Pathos

        Hey welcome! I come, Boom Boom Baby
        Ja Ladies, I am bigger than Bang, Bang
        é si si si si si i bin …


… that's the festival hymn of the Bairishe Geisha for the SPIELART Theater Festival 2005. This year the festival's theme is "P.O.P. - Pathos_Obsession_Passion." After a long dry period of the senses, it's allowed once again to show feelings and risk emotions, and theater can be pleasurable, vulgar, passionate, kitschy. So, you're heartily welcome to the sixth edition of the SPIELART Theater Festival!

… it isn't instructions on "How to Be Happy." A theater festival is not a wellness institute that takes care of your wellbeing - you have to see to that yourself. We want to offer you different answers to our question concerning the risk artists in theater take with their productions when they portray strong emotions onstage.

… you can throw up your hands in surprise. Didn't it take almost a hundred years to cure actors of the habit of displaying damn emotions? Just wait ... We're not interested in the conventional emotion of "to-be-or-not-to-be," we're interested in - and we have been since the beginning of SPIELART - original forms of expression and communicative, artistic strategies in theater, which go beyond classical drama, beyond the classical patterns of performance.

SPIELART 2005 deals with the state of emergencies of the human body, the soul and the intellect. Haven't we been in a Möbius band of rational discourse and scientization for a long time now? What do we think of the suppression of the mystic and the mythical, the rituals and the sacred? What do we think of the cultural colonialization by means of scientific rationality, which is a distinguishing characteristic of our language, formalizes our way of thinking and determines our definitions of success and happiness?

At any rate, it's time for the theater world to allow grand emotions and passions in a special way. Especially if we do not want to leave the public display of emotions to the designers of advertising campaigns, television producers and spin doctors without putting up a fight; they are already lulling us to sleep with surrogate emotions every single evening, during pre-primetime, primetime, and post-primetime. Emotions are officially sanctioned only when they are in a domesticated form, purified of every danger and story element and in prefabricated patterns, because this is the only way they can be administered, collectivized and marketed.

SPIELART is directing our attention for a moment to theater that indulges in utopias and dedicates itself to inner realms in an emotional, obsessive and passionate way, theater that takes a chance with the allegedly so nonpolitical and conventional issues of rituality and transcendence, passion and obsession.

… and don't forget that you are in the realm of arts that allow themselves the luxury of skipping merrily through every imaginable crazy - perhaps irrational, perhaps illogical - synapse and ganglion.

… Reach in deeper! I wanna see what's inside!


Tilmann Broszat und Gottfried Hattinger